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Is Apple Anti-Optical Disc?

With each new release of a product off the Apple line, it becomes more apparent that Apple wants to have nothing to do with optical discs, or drives for that matter. The new Macbook Pro and Macbook Air models have … Continue reading

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New Apple iMac Excludes DVD Drive

Exactly a week ago, Apple revealed the new iMac design. The design, as is expected from Apple, is innovative to say the least. The latest graphics, an even sleeker and slimmer form, faster processors, and a better display are among … Continue reading

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Disney Remains Ambiguous About UltraViolet Partnership

The battle for your home entertainment dollars is heating up as three industry giants are going head-to-head to dominate the market. At the forefront we have Apple’s iTunes Store, which has offered video downloads of popular movies and TV shows … Continue reading

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Apple Moves Further Away from Optical Discs

Earlier this year, I wrote an article called “Is Apple On a Mission to Destroy Optical Discs?” It was a valid question with plenty of evidence to support my theory that yes, the company is taking calculated steps to push … Continue reading

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How to Burn CD Using iTunes or Windows Media Player

Did you ever want to have your music transferred to a CD so you can play it on any media player or your car stereo? Regardless if the idea is new to you, CD recording is effortless. You just need … Continue reading

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