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Warner Bros. Releases 50 Film Box Set on Blu-ray

Founded in 1923, Warner Brothers is one of the world’s oldest and largest movie studios. Their films have entertained and delighted audiences for generations, and have also been recognized in the film industry with numerous awards. Now, Warner Brothers have … Continue reading

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Million Year Storage Discs? Not Likely

Within the past week, I have seen two stories in the news about super long life optical discs. One source referred to them as “million year storage disks” while the other quoted the stretch goal of a “1 billion year” … Continue reading

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Disney Remains Ambiguous About UltraViolet Partnership

The battle for your home entertainment dollars is heating up as three industry giants are going head-to-head to dominate the market. At the forefront we have Apple’s iTunes Store, which has offered video downloads of popular movies and TV shows … Continue reading

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UltraViolet Announces Big Plans for 2012

We’ve written several articles during the past year about the rise of the UltraViolet format. Since it went live in November 2011, there have been a lot of questions about the format such as: How will the online, cloud-based “storage … Continue reading

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Apple Moves Further Away from Optical Discs

Earlier this year, I wrote an article called “Is Apple On a Mission to Destroy Optical Discs?” It was a valid question with plenty of evidence to support my theory that yes, the company is taking calculated steps to push … Continue reading

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