Pioneer’s Ultra-Thin Blu-ray Drive and Burner

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Ultra-thin laptops are so portable that you can bring them with you anywhere you go. Unfortunately, while they provide utmost convenience, they do not provide you with everything you want. While they have just enough USB ports for plugging in your USB devices, they lack an essential part – a built-in optical drive. As a result, you don’t get to play your favorite CD, watch your favorite movie on DVD or save your files conveniently on optical disc. That means if you are in an 8-hour train drive, you can’t really use the time to watch films or TV series to kill time.

You could of course use an external drive for that. But that means you’d have to sacrifice on of your USB port which you may need to use for something else. How you wish you could make use of a wireless external drive instead, right? Good thing an international brand in electronics manufacturing has come up with an idea to deal with this issue.

Pioneer has come up with external Blu-ray/DVD/CD writer that works well with Mac or Windows PC through Wi-Fi. The BD/DVD/CD burner or model no. BDR-WFS05J is a metallic silver device that has just been released this September. It’s ultimately lightweight, weighing merely 330 grams.

The wireless Blu-ray drive has a free disc space of least 1 GB, a record time of up to 25 GB, and has monitor and graphics capabilities that support HDCP for quality BD-video image. Meanwhile for DVD/CD, it has a free disc space of more than 2 GB and a 16-bit or higher sound card.

Pioneer has bundled the wireless Blu-ray drive with a number of software, including PowerDVD 10, PowerDirector 10, PowerProducer 5, Power2Go 7, IntantBurn, PowerBackup 2, Medi @ Show 5 and LabelPrint 2.

The device can stand horizontally or vertically and can work well either way. It seems the only downside of this, however, is that it only has a USB 2.0 interface so that expect SuperSpeed abilities. The unit also comes with a USB power supply so you may also opt to use it with cables if you don’t mind.

Finally, a dedicated connection tool, already included in the package, enables you to switch users or share the device with others wirelessly – a very useful feature that can be maximized at home or office.

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