Streaming Media News: Target Testing Digital Movies, Canada gets CinemaNow Streaming service

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Recently, Target Corporation announced that they were in the beta-testing stage of a digital movie platform that featured new-release and catalog movies as well as next-day TV shows. Following the footsteps of retailers, such as Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart, this is seen as a way to “provide guests compelling and convenient entertainment offerings,” according to Target spokesperson Kristy Welker.

Currently being tested on iOS and Android devices and compatible with most connected devices, Target Ticket Premium will feature 15,000 titles where new releases will be priced at $14.99 and rentals will be at $3.99. If you are a loyalty member of Target REDcard, then you will be able to look forward to discounts on digital purchases at Target Ticket Premium.


Meanwhile, although many people enjoy the convenience of watching movies on their tablets, many are still wondering what to do with their DVD collections. CinemaNow™ has come up with an answer so you can enjoy your favorite DVDs in a more convenient format; their Disc-to-digital service allows Canadians to convert their physical DVDs to a digital format and watch them on CinemaNow. All one has to do is create a free account on which would create a free Ultraviolet account, then download the free software that converts the eligible DVD to a digital format. The digital movie is then available for streaming or downloading through more than 1000 connected devices.

To wind down and watch a movie or catch up on your favorite television show is a pastime many of us enjoy. However, only a few have the luxury of being able to settle into a comfortable couch in front of the TV as the hustle and bustle of life has requires us to constantly be on the move.

Luckily, technology has been sympathetic to us, producing smartphones, tablets and laptops that allow us to keep up while being always on-the-go. In the past, standard laptops have generally come with built-in DVD readers, but this has slowly become irrelevant due to the convenience of streaming media which bypasses the need to have an external player or a disc. Basically, all you need is the Internet. Thanks to the exciting digital services put forth by Target and CinemaNow, you can have your media on-the-go so that you can treat yourself to a little bit of luxury at any busy day.

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