Blu-ray and UltraViolet Sales Increase in 2013

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CD-DVD-Blu-ray-market-increaseThe numbers are in and recent reports show that Blu-ray discs sales have performed strongly in the first half of 2013, compared to its performance in the same period last year, and compared to the performance of other goods within its area. The Digital Entertainment Group reported that Blu-ray’s sales to be up by a whopping 24% in the first half of the year. Why exactly are Blu-ray sales taking off and making a comeback? Let me give you a quick backgrounder of these two.

First of all, the pros of a Blu-ray disc has mostly to do with how powerful it can handle HD content compared with the DVD. It offers more than five times the storage capacity of regular DVDs. Specifically, the Blu-ray disc can hold up to 25GB of data on a single layer disc and 50GB of data on a dual-layer disc. That’s quite impressive for a disc product.

But what makes the Blu-ray package even stronger now is its introduction of the electronic sell-throughs which also feature UltraViolet titles. Electronic sell-throughs allow customers to purchase titles, like movies or other things available on blu-disc, through a downloadable format. Essentially, the only thing you’re buying is the ‘software copy’ of the movie or TV series or other software you would traditionally get on Blu-ray discs. This option definitely gives the makers of Blu-ray an edge in the market because of the fact that some consumers are now more used to just viewing files rather than using discs to view their favorite movies of TV series. The rise of TiVo proves that.

Despite its strong performance record in terms of data capacity, there are a few downsides to Blu-ray. For example, the Blu-ray is a bit pricier than its technologically less superior counterparts like the DVD. So for consumers who are not too particular about HD or increased storage, Blu-ray may not be of much value. Additionally, to maximize the value of a Blu-ray disc you also have to have the most compatible gear to come with it. For instance, special Blu-ray disc players and special types of TVs or display devices can have different effects on your viewing experience.

The strong performance of Blu-ray in the market will have to depend on whether or not they can keep consumer preferences from moving away from discs are able to adapt to those changes quickly. But with the recent report turnout, it seems like they’re doing well.

UltraViolet Doing Well Too

Ultraviolet has also climbed the charts! DEG reported that there are now 13 million UltraViolet accounts around the globe. Six countries are now retailing UltraViolet titles, with New Zealand and Australia as the most recent patriots

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