4K Blu-ray Supporting 100GB Capacities

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4K Ultra HD is the next unbeatable standard for ultimate viewing on a TV or computer monitor. With a horizontal resolution of 4000 pixels, it provides for the crispest and most advanced viewing experience yet. However, seeing as it is a relatively new development, it has had a few kinks that it needed to work out in order to really achieve mass market appeal. One of these is the inability of devices and accessories to keep up with such a high standard, thereby keeping people in the dark on how to utilize 4K Ultra HD technology and dampening the appeal due to the unavailability of compatible products.

Another issue which hovers around in this industry is space. It is a commonly accepted notion in life that more space is better, and this cannot be more important for capacities on Blu-ray discs. The amount of data needed to contain a high definition and top quality viewing experience is large, and a Blu-ray disc would need to be able to deliver on this by being able to store a considerable amount of data. Currently, triple-layer Blu-ray discs of 100GB and 128 capacities do exist to take care of storage needs, but these are used primarily for burning and backing up data and may lack the capacity to maximize the 4K Ultra HD technology (rendering all of that money and excitement that one spent on a 4K Ultra HD device useless).

Luckily, German technology company Singulus Technologies has addressed the two problems listed above by being the first to announce that they have recently finished tests on a Blu-ray disc with a 100GB capacity that is ideal for 4K Ultra HD movies. Called BLULINE III, this development confirms the buzz coming from the Blu-ray Disc Association that a 4K Blu-ray disc is being created in order to match the demands put forth by the advanced 4K Ultra HD devices.

Although it is not known whether the BLULINE III discs currently have the support of the Blu-ray Disc Association, when they will be available for purchase, how much will such a product cost and whether they are compatible with existing players, one thing is for sure. 4K Ultra HD technology is pushing the bar for high quality viewing and will most likely constitute the new gold standard for TV and computer resolution. The time is ripe to be familiar with the technologies and products that will support this new standard such as the 4K Blu-ray disc.

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