3D Blu-ray Best Practices from THX and BluFocus

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THX-3D-BluFocusOnce you’ve tried 3D, everything you see on regular TV will never be the same again. Unfortunately, despite all the wonderful things about it, many consumers reported that they often experience fatigue after watching in 3D screens. The relationship between 3D and viewer’s fatigue is currently the focus of a research being conducted by THX Ltd. and BluFocus.

THX, Ltd. is known for its design and certification of world-class cinemas, HDTVs, premium audio systems, and blockbuster movies and games. On the other hand, BluFocus is considered as the first advanced testing and advisory service specialist for Blu-ray. With this partnership, fatigue from 3D glasses will hopefully not be a problem to viewers.

Aside from the fatigue problems, the team-up of THX and BluFocus will seek to address the technical challenges related to 3D post-production. There is what they call THX-BluFocus 3D certification that will set guidelines and testing procedures to evaluate 3D-related things like audio and video quality, interoperability, and physiological effects. It will also evaluate the effects of 2D-to-3D conversion. Through the certification program, technical flaws will be minimized long before the 3D content is broadcast.

THX and BluFocus will work closely with content producers in order to implement best practices and guidelines. It will be offered to the producers and distributors of TV programs, movies, games, and other content.

For consumers who will be shopping for 3D Blu-ray discs, they will be instructed to look for the specific logos and icons.

The THX-Blu Focus AV Certification logo is present in the packaging or digital artwork if all of the images and sounds in the 3D Blu-ray Disc or digital download have been analyzed and thus the content has the quality and detail of the original. Engineers who are involved in the certification process analyze the images frame-by-frame, both the left and right eye images, to make sure that they retain the sharpness and detain of the original video.

Meanwhile, the THX-BluFocus Creative Certification this means that all the 3D elements of the feature presented underwent analysis to detect if there were any creative errors and flaws that may cause viewer fatigue or that may have deviated from the director’s intent. If the presentation included subtitles, menus, graphics, and other elements, they may also be reviewed.

The THX-BluFocus Interoperability, finally, will determine whether the Blu-ray discs will play seamlessly whether in 3D or 2D players.

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