Kaleidescape Cinema One Offers Blu-ray Home Server

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Kaleidescape Cinema OneUnless you belong to the rich and the famous, owning a home cinema system may not be one of your priorities. It used to be expensive and the truth is it still is. But if you have the money and you love movies, and if you have a lot of time to watch all those films, then by all means, go ahead and spend. There may be a way you can save though. If you are familiar with Kaleidescape, it’ll be nice for you to know more about the Kaleidescape Cinema One, a rather more approachable offering from the brand that’s been in the industry for years now.

The Kaleidescape Cinema One is a Blu-ray home server that allows storage of up to 600 DVD-quality movies or 100 Blu-ray quality films. Now if that’s nowhere near enough, you can also have the option to get the DV700 Disc Vault which allows storage of up to 320 Blu-ray discs. I wonder where you will get the time to watch all those though.

Kaleidescape-LogoTo start saving films on the Cinema One, just download Blu-ray quality movies from the Kaleidescape store. The company claims that it is the only store that provides downloads with the same audio/video quality of Blu-ray discs plus other Blu-ray spares that may be useful to you. Though this may only be true until Netflix’s Full HD service becomes live.

As per user interface, Kaleidescape Cinema One is promising. Its “lovely interface”, according to Pocket-lint, allows easy navigating by cover art, by genre, by director and by actor. Browsing through the files sweat-free and with just one press of the button, you can instantly play the movies.

The idea is not something new, of course. Kaleidescape is just one of the companies that make movie servers where you can store all the favorite movies of your family. The rather more popular ones are Netflix and Sky but with Kaleidescape, one need not worry about those licensing deals.

If you are looking for expanding your Cinema One, that’s also possible. You’ll get double the storage when you connect two Cinema One Blu-ray servers even when they are in different places inside your home.

Now off to the bitter truth – the price.

The Cinema One will set you back for $3,995. That’s a lot of money to spend, of course. But as I said, if you are really into movies and you have the budget and the time to watch all those movies, don’t let anyone stop you.

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