UltraViolet Debuts in Germany and France

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ultraviolet_germany-franceUltraViolet is moving in once again. The online streaming content service has already established a considerable customer base in the US, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and the UK. Eager for more, it looks about ready in gearing up to conquer Western Europe. According to recent news, UltraViolet will be opening new markets in both France and Germany sometime late September.

UltraViolet will be making its debut in the French and German markets via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. A couple of tidbits have already been released by Sony covering the specifics of UltraViolet introduction in the new markets. For Germany, the company will be offering cloud service access to the movie titles it holds. The French market is will likely get the same treatment. The launching dates for either country haven’t been set on exact dates, but the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) is using September 30 as the tentative date.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment President David Bishop sees the move to launch UltraViolet in France and Germany as a way to build stronger ties with viewers outside of the North American market. It also helps that introduction to these markets would mean that the company can have a chance at breaking the dominance that iTunes is currently exercising in the realm of film and television series downloads. For soon-to-be users of UltraViolet in these countries, the process and pricing will be similar to that imposed in the U.S. That is, purchase of digital content through approved affiliations or purchase of UV-enabled Blu-rays or DVDs will open up the chance to register UltraViolet for the cloud service benefits. From there, users can enter a code that would unlock access to a digital version of the Blu-ray or DVD purchase, a version that, faithful to UltraViolet’s mantra of ubiquity, can be accessed by a number of UV-enabled devices at any given time.

UltraViolet’s steady spread throughout the world can mostly be attributed to the major Hollywood film studios that currently back it. Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, and Fox Films are some of the names to be mentioned. The clout of those three alone shows just how much potential UltraViolet has in terms of global expansion. For those interested in the future spread of the UltraViolet market, know that Austria and Switzerland are the upcoming targets for the service. And Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) is scheduled for an UltraViolet treatment right after.

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