UltraViolet in the UK

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After months of planning, UltraViolet has finally broken through the UK market. The online streaming content service, Netflix’s formidable competitor, has been steadily opening markets globally, conducting operations from its base country, the United States. It’s starting to occupy and establish a critical position as the provider of highly-accessible digital content. All of which can be streamed according to UltraViolet’s motto of “anytime, anywhere.” But instead of coming directly into the UK market on its own, UltraViolet has opted instead to penetrate with help from a number of affiliates, most notably the Australia-based Access Digital Entertainment (ADE) and Amazon.com-owned Lovefilm and Tesco.

UltraViolet’s introduction into the UK market is most prominently embodied by Access Digital Entertainment’s site WOWHD.tv. The site is set to launch in the UK as the country’s first site to offer UltraViolet in conjunction with download-to-own movie titles and video on demand services. It plans to use its affiliations with the site to establish its entry even more. The site already offers DVDs and Blu-ray discs in the UK, so entry is less challenging. With WOWHD.tv’s entry into the UK market, UltraViolet will end up establishing itself more firmly on UK soil. The site plans to offer downloadable UV-enabled content and titles through its UK affiliate site. These titles will be accessible through any enabled devices and can be shared by uses to as many as five people.

Access Digital Entertainment has expressed a desire of using its online affiliates to spread the use of UltraViolet and offer users more choice at the same time. ADE CEO Craig White has stated that current habits of viewing content, live and online, are changing and becoming more and more diverse as time passes. Its current stance on trying to increase its customer’s freedom in using, sharing, and enjoying content is just a response to that observed change in user habits. In line with these statements, Access Digital Entertainment is currently negotiating with Hollywood studios to get more movie titles and series properly licensed in order to offer more to the new UK market.

As previously stated, Access Digital Entertainment is not the only company offering UltraViolet functionality in the UK. Already established retailers include Lovefilm and Tesco, both owned the famous online store and reseller Amazon.com. Tesco happens to be the owner of the UK movie rental service Blinkbox, which rents and sells UV-enabled movie titles to UK residents.

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