Millenniata Completes 25 GB Blu-ray Disc

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MDisc_Milleniata_Blu-rayA company acclaimed for its manufacturing of optical media that focuses on disc archiving, Millenniata is currently celebrating because of its completing of its new 25 GB Blu-ray Disc. The company plans to put this completed disc into mass production by August of this year. Millenniata also has Imation and RITEK to thank for collaborating with it in the Blu-ray disc’s completion.

Millenniata’s new 25 GB Blu-ray Disc will be seeing widespread distribution thanks to its agreement with Ritek Corporation concerning the disc’s production. The Blu-ray disc itself is an achievement for Millenniata because it has made significant contributions to the company’s mission of providing one of the best permanent data storage solutions out there. The 25 GB Blu-ray, also dubbed the M-DISC Blu-ray, is a mammoth offering. Its storage capacity is the equivalent of five standard 4.7 GB M-DISC DVDs. It’s writable and readable, giving you control over the amount of data that you want written into the disk while also making sure that no storage space goes to waste.

A particularly unique feature of the M-DISC Blu-ray that marks it as a Millenniata product is evidenced by an extensive test program based on the ISO/IEC 10995 Standard. The test based on this standard is aimed at measuring the longevity of various optical media, in both physical form and data retention. The results for the M-DISC Blu-ray were just like the results put out by the M-DISC DVD. That is that the M-DISC Blu-ray can last more than 1,000 years in storage and can withstand extreme temperature conditions as well as abnormal humidity conditions. The M-DISC Blu-ray can remain under this conditions for a length period of time without compromising the data written onto it.

Wide distribution of Millenniata’s new product is already underway. Some notable distributors of the disc this coming August are Ritek, Ridata, TDK, Memorex, and Imation. No word yet on how much the Blu-ray disc will cost.

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