BUFFALO MediaStation BDXL Portable Blu-Ray Writer BRXL-PC6U2B

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brxl-pc6u2bMore laptop and notebook manufacturers are doing away with built-in disk drives in their products. The lack of a disk drive in a laptop means that the manufacturer is able to include more powerful specs or larger fans, decrease the weight of the unit, and create a slimmer profile for a sleeker-looking product. Still, it just can’t be ignored that there are times when a disk drive comes in handy. Whether it’s for reading optical media or burning data onto discs, a disc writer comes into the mix whether we like to or not.

To solve the problem of the still prevalent need for optical media hardware and the lack of such hardware on some recent models of laptops and notebook, Buffalo, a Japan-based optical media products manufacturer, has developed and released the MediaStation BDXL Portable Blu-ray Writer, meant to offer portable writing and playback options.

buffaloThe Buffalo MediaStation BDXL Portable Blu-ray Writer, or BRXL-PC6U2B, serves as the portable external accessory for laptops with no disc drives built into their bodies. A sure candidate of Buffalo, the MediaSation BDXL Portable Blu-ray Writer is one of the fastest reading and writing devices out there. The MediaStation BDXL Blu-ray writer possesses the ability to burn and play a number of optical media, ranging from Blu-ray to CDs. In order to make possible being able to burn Blu-ray discs that contain more data, the Buffalo MediaStation BRXL-PC6U2B comes with BDXL support.

The Blu-ray Portable Writer is bus-powered yet comes with two USB charging cables to make sure that the unit receives enough current to charge itself efficiently. The two cables serve both for transferring data and giving a power boost to the MediaStation. And when more reliability is needed, having one extra charging cable in handy means that the writer will keep on running up to the specifications marketed by Buffalo even when hard at work.


Software-wise, the Buffalo MediaStation BDXL Portable Blu-ray Writer comes bundled with the Cyberlink Media Suite. This program suite allows the user to fully explore the reading and writing capabilities of the Blu-ray writer, a measure that is often lacking when it comes to other program suites dedicated to portable optical media writers. The MediaStation also backs DVD upscaling operations that bump up the picture quality of normal DVDs to that of HD. If you’re obsessed about the quality of the picture burned onto your discs, then you’re in luck. It’s very possible to have them “retouched” through the MediaStation.

The Buffalo MediaStation BDXL Portable Blu-ray Writer is set at the competitive price of $94.21 at Amazon.com

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