UltraViolet Invades Europe

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Finally, UltraViolet is coming to Europe, and from the looks of it, plans of making it big in EU are already laid down and finalized.

The company responsible for UltraViolet, Digital Entertainment Content System (DECE), is bringing it to Europe and is expected to make waves and dominate the markets of France and Germany starting on September 30, 2013. This digital locker allows people who buy DVDs and Blu-rays to upload contents of these purchases into its storage system so that they can view them either at their homes or on other multiple devices, which they can take with them anywhere they go. Guess it’s where the tagline, “Buy once, play anywhere” came from. Aside from its release in France and Germany, UltraViolet is also set to be distributed to other European countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Date of distribution, however, is yet to be announced.

News came out during the recent PEVE Entertainment 2013 two-day Conference held at the British Museum, where DECE Executive Director and General Manager Mark Teitell said that aside from releasing UltraViolet in France and Europe, they will also give priority in bolstering and strengthening their service in the U.K. where they presently have almost half a million account holders. This service is supported by content from Warner Bros., Universal, 20th Century Fox, and Sony. Teitell also said that DECE targets to hit a million users in the UK by the end of the year. DECE is yet to expand in the near future as Tesco, a retail giant in the UK and also known to be the world’s third-largest retailer, to become a retail partner of UltraViolet.

CEO Michael Comish of Blinkbox/Tesco Digital Entertainment likewise promised the delegates in the same conference that they will do everything in line with their customers’ desires. He also said that he expects Tesco to become a massive digital retailer of entertainment and not only a massive physical retailer of entertainment. It can be recalled that in the US, the signing of Wal-Mart as a retail partner of UltraViolet has dramatically helped its membership increase in number.

During the PEVE conference, Executive Vice President (Worldwide Digital and Commercial Strategy) Jim Underwood of the Sony Pictures Home Entertainment also discussed the new opportunities and how the new means of distribution have affected the entertainment industry. He emphasized the importance of cloud-based ownership as well as the introduction and development of UltraViolet and the opportunities for retailers to take part in digital distribution.

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