UltraViolet Content On CinemaNow

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UltraViolet was launched in Canada last year but it was only recently that it forged a partnership with CinemaNow, Bestbuy’s rising streaming and downloading service. This partnership is expected to benefit Canadians, as the service will become more viable for them. For instance, if an UltraViolet supported movie or television show is purchased from a retail location, users only have to add it to their UltraViolet account. This will conveniently enable them to watch the content from any device, anywhere they are.

The new partnership between UltraViolet and CinemaNow is expected to give the platform a wider reach as to the content that can be added to the service. At the same time, content purchased through CinemaNow can now be added to UltraViolet.

CinemaNow Director Loveena Chera said that the partnership with UltraViolet is the next logical progression given the advancement of digital and the growth of the movie industry. Chera also said that many customers today want both digital and physical versions of their purchases. CinemaNow, thus, will be the first digital retailer in the country to offer this kind of service, placing CinemaNow in the best position to educate its users about its products.

UltraViolet, a cloud-based content sharing platform, allows its users to store content they have purchased and subsequently access them from various electronic devices they own, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Supported by top film distributors – Fox, DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, and Paramount Pictures, UltraViolet also enables its users to access and share supported movies and television shows from anywhere they go. Since users may either stream or download UltraViolet supporting content, offline viewing is made possible and very easy. Once the file has been downloaded, internet connection is no longer required to play it. Users need not worry about the storage capacity of UltraViolet as the amount of content that can be stored into the system is, well, unlimited.

Among the many features UltraViolet flaunts includes its ability to add to each account a maximum of five different users. By having multiple user accounts, family and friends will be able to easily share contents with each other. At the same time, UltraViolet offers parental control features which can limit access to content. Practical, modern and high tech – these are just some of the features users are enjoying from Ultraviolet, and from the looks of it, this platform is going places with these highlights.

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