UltraViolet With Flixster On XBOX 360

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Flixster is widely known as a movie app; it’s one of the most popular and successful apps catering to movie fans. By using Flixster, consumers can check out movie reviews on sites like Rotten Tomato and even own or rent movie titles on offer. Owned by the film studio giant Warner Bros., the Flixster app has now invaded the realm of the Xbox 360. Offered in the form of a Kinect-enabled app with UltraViolet support, Flixster is now available for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

This opens up a new way in which gamers and movie fans can broaden entertainment choices without having to switch platforms. Xbox 360 owners can get a hold of the app through the Xbox Live Marketplace (for free) and enjoy the same perks offered to regular Flixster users: buying or renting movies, looking up movie schedules in their neighborhood, previewing HD trailers, checking out Rotten Tomato, and more. Since the app is Kinect-enabled, users can make their way through the app conveniently, using the voice and action controls available at their disposal.

Connections hold an enormous amount of meaning for people. We are, after all, social beings. We thrive on establishing relationships with one another. It should come as no surprise then that there’s a trend towards connecting various things to each other in the technology industry. Integration is the magical word, and it works more wonders than saying “Abracadabra!” It has now become common practice to log into sites through Facebook or Twitter, instead of creating a completely new one. This type of integration has already started to show in the film and gaming industry. With Flixster’s new offering on Xbox 360, the ties between movies and the gaming arena get stronger.

The ties that bind don’t even stop there, if you’re astute enough to catch and focus on one tiny detail. Flixster is owned by Warner Bros. Warner Bros. happens to be one of the major film studios that also supports UltraViolet. Connect the dots and you come up with another feature offered by Flixster on Xbox 360: the ability for users to access their current UltraViolet movie collection through the gaming console. It’s ingenious and largely in keeping with UltraViolet’s mission statement of making content accessible to users anytime and on any device. From these connections, we see the work revolving around the word “integration” outside of its normal social media environment. New connections have been built, offering a new level of convenience for the avid gamer and movie fan.

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