More Home Media Consumers Using UltraViolet

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Despite having a rough start and some user and insider skepticism about its ability to compete with Netflix, UltraViolet is enjoying a recent surge in the number of its users. UltraViolet’s affiliation with major film studios in Hollywood have, in part, contributed to the streaming cloud service’s recent success. Through the studios’ conscious efforts in making more titles available to consumers and making their experience with the service more user-friendly, an increasing number of consumers have now actively chose to use UltraViolet.

Since this January’s Consumer Electronics Show, the online streaming cloud service UltraViolet has gained some 2 million new users, making its database of customers jump from 9 million to 11 million strong. These users currently have access to UltraViolet’s database of titles, which stands at about 9,000. Users avail of the service’s benefits by purchasing a title, digitally or physically. This in turn gives them access to a cloud version that can be accessed from any UltraViolet-enabled device.

UltraViolet More User-Friendly

The increasing number of users is welcome news for UltraViolet, which has had its fair share of consumer problems in the past. Releases in the past nine months have quelled past complaints submitted by users, and UltraViolet is smoother-running service now. According to Mark Teitell, general manager and executive director for the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), consumer tech support reports from consumers “have gone down very pronouncedly.” And in comparison to its original release, the current incarnation of UltraViolet does demonstrate improved user experience. Engineers for the service had worked diligently to address previous complaints about the difficulty of linking accounts. This has led to better consolidation and merging of various accounts, usernames, and passwords.

Good PR and Partners

UltraViolet’s publicity isn’t doing too badly either. According to a survey recently conducted by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, at least 55 percent of home entertainment consumers know about UltraViolet. Another 50 percent stated that they would prefer purchasing a UV-enabled disc title over one that wasn’t. This particular response reflects back to the fact that consumers in general are at the crux of physical and digital forms of entertainment. Offering both to users gives them the freedom to indulge in both.

Continued Expansion

UltraViolet has no plans of halting expansion. The cloud service has expressed plans to penetrate markets in other countries throughout this year and even into 2014. Expansion would mean a bigger database of users and the inclusion of more companies in the UltraViolet innovation wagon.

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