ASUS Ultra-Slim SDRW-08U5S-U Zen DVD Writer

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It’s a familiar trend in technology now – gadgets getting smaller and thinner but with capability that just keeps on getting better. It is then no surprising that a world renowned and award-winning brand like ASUS bravely takes another step forward with the coming of the Ultra Slim SDRW-08U5S-U. Meant to complement your thin ultrabooks and mobile devices, this 13mm-thin external DVD writer is perfect for both travelers and businessmen on-the-go.

Sleek and sexy, the new ASUS external DVD writer has a built-in stand that can easily be extended and tucked away as desired, enabling the external DVD writer to stand horizontally and vertically without eating much space. Engineered to perfection, it is now the thinnest external DVD writer among its class available in the market, with merely 13mm in thickness (or thinness), earning a perfect score in terms of mobility and convenience. Transport the external DVD writer from one place to another without a drop of sweat, along with your ultrabook, cellphone and tablet.


Externally, the ultra slim DVD writer flaunts a metallic surface inspired by former ASUS products such as the Zenbook. This sophisticated Zenbook-inspired silver-thin form makes it more aesthetically appealing than all other optical drives that merely have generic built, and this posh design is a definite plus for buyers looking for more than just a DVD writer you can carry around.

“Maintaining the award-winning tradition of ASUS external optical drives, the SDRW-08U5S-U incorporates design elements from products such as ASUS ZENBOOK™. Meticulously-treated metallic surfaces carry a concentric-circle hairline texture, and together with the sliver-thin form factor, these Zen design concepts make the SDRW-08U5S-U a highly unique product that stands out among generic optical drives. Lively Mellow Metallic, Dusty Rose, and Bright Berry color schemes provide three stylish options.”


Internally, it is guaranteed to include Disc Encryption II security so users can add a personalized password to control who can access the device. With the popularity of hacking and theft, this is probably the most sought after feature of DVD writers and ASUS ensures that this special component is present in the Ultra Slim DVD writer.

The ASUS ultra slim external DVD writer is available in mellow metallic, bright berry or dusty rose colors, much like the usual colors of ASUS computers. As to when they will be released in stores, we have yet to hear it from the manufacturers themselves. And as for pricing, ASUS is yet to specify although we certainly wish it wouldn’t be much of a pain the pocket.

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