UltraViolet Subscribers Can Access Content Easily with Motorola Mobility SecureMedia

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UltraViolet has been diligently trying to expand its now more than 11 million large bases of users even more. The digital content cloud service is already available in the US, UK, and Canada, and there have long been plans to break into the Australian, New Zealand, and Irish markets for the summer. The French and German markets will also get their due treatment sometime within this year, right after UltraViolet’s introduction into the three previously mentioned target markets. In line with the service’s motto of access to digital content anytime, anywhere, and with any device, UltraViolet can now stream content through service providers equipped with Motorola Mobility’s SecureMedia content protection.

The Motorola Mobility SecureMedia content protection was recently approved by the DECE, or Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem LLC. Thanks to the approval, select service providers can now allow users of UltraViolet to access their content with more flexibility than ever.

Motorola Mobility’s SecureMedia technology lends service providers encryption and processing abilities for UltraViolet content that are still within the limits set by the DECE. What Motorola does with SecureMedia is ensure that security and content protection is still maintained despite the multiscreen availability of UltraViolet digital content. What this means is that the cloud service is now more flexible than before but still just as secure as the major studios want it. It plunges into the delicate feat of satisfying consumer demand for immediate and convenient access to their UltraViolet collections and safely distributing digital content from the major Hollywood studios.

With the general trend shifting gradually to favor digital and cloud content, Motorola’s SecureMedia carves a path that has established the possibility of advanced content security combined with multi-screen video distribution. The unique balance this technology has achieved has made SecureMedia an award-winning solution around the world. Another symbol of its success is that it’s accepted by the big Hollywood film giants as an important service for content security. With this recently development, SecureMedia content protection has most likely solidified Motorola’s status as a valuable member of the DECE and an important part of UltraViolet’s deliberate spread to global markets.

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