Pioneer Unveils Slim Blu-ray Disc Writer for Mac

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Apple’s technological innovations are numerous to say the least. The most recent is that its line of MacBooks (and even iMacs) no longer comes with a built-in disc drive. While this setup is becoming more and more common with the continued popularity of ultrabooks and digital content, it does leave the few users who still use optical media with a dilemma. There shouldn’t be much cause for worry, though. Pioneer Japan has released news just this last week that it will be releasing a version of its latest Blu-ray disc writer compatible with Mac.

The Pioneer BDR-XU02JM is the company’s latest in slot-loading Blu-ray disc writers. For Mac users still working with or enjoying optical media, the BDR-XU02JM provides you the ability to burn and write onto CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays at decent speeds. It’s also a very portable external Blu-ray disc writer at 245 grams (just a bit over half a pound) and under half an inch thick. The disc writer achieves such a lightweight form with the help of its magnesium alloy case, which also happens to follow the color scheme of MacBooks for those interested in matching design.

Though the Pioneer BDRXU02JM doesn’t come with any software included with the unit, it does offer a couple of features that have now become standard offers made by Pioneer to allow users to get the best out of all the optical media formats. They are the Blu-ray disc writer supports PureRead2+ technology, which tries to correct the sound data of scratched CDs, and RealTime PureRead, which lessens the probability of errors when playing back CDs. The last feature of not is the disc writer’s support of the USB Boot function, which allows a Mac user to conduct an emergency system recovery when something goes wrong.

Pioneer’s BDR-XU02JM is slated for market release sometime before this month ends. The shipments will first be introduced into the Japanese market and will then have a chance to spread to the US and worldwide markets from there. Once released, the Blu-ray disc writer will retail at 20,000 Yen (which is $209 converted to US dollars).

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