UltraViolet Bundles Movies with Blu-ray Players

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Recent news from January’s CES 2013 trade show in Las Vegas has confirmed that UltraViolet has another tactic for reaching out to new subscribers. Having reached 10 million subscribers, the digital content service has made a statement through the Digital Entertainment Group that it will be giving away movies for free. Consumers will be able to access their content from a list of UltraViolet-compatible devices that will be coming to market this year.

Those about to purchase a new TV or Blu-ray player may already take advantage of this marketing incentive; Buying a smart TV from the select brands, for example, will get someone ten movie titles free of charge. Not a bad deal if you’re trying to digitize your movie collection (provided, of course, that it’s a modest size). These titles are already available in the over 8,500 titles that UltraViolet possesses, and can be accessible through any of the channels affiliated with UltraViolet. Additionally, along with a few other brands, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, and Sony are offering to bundle five movie titles with their latest Blu-ray player releases.

The Blu-ray and HDTV incentives from such big name brands also help expand UltraViolet’s customer base. UltraViolet’s mission to assist users turning their physical libraries of replicated DVD-ROM and Blu-ray discs into digital ones play a huge role in this equation, but the digital move has never been easy when it comes to the movie industry. The obvious reason for the slow adoption of cloud services is the lack of a straightforward way to obtain digital copies of movies. This area of entertainment is notorious for having large gray areas of operation, a lot of it having to do with legal rights and piracy.

Another influential problem is that fact that consumers are hesitant to pay for digital copies of a movie that they already own. This bundling of titles may be of some help for UltraViolet. It may also be a nice incentive for the consumer markets it will be expanding into this year, namely, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, and New Zealand.

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