Microsoft Xbox 720 with Blu-ray

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A lot of the details concerning the specifications in the new Xbox “720” are rumors. Microsoft has decided not to release any official statements regarding the matter, so consumers are still officially left in the dark. The rumor about an Xbox equipped with a Blu-ray disc drive is actually one that’s a few years old now. The buzz surrounding it reappears with every news item of a new Xbox, despite the previous lack of implementation, it may be that Microsoft will follow through on that rumor now.

Why? Simply because high definition DVDs aren’t getting usage anymore. Today’s releases, especially in the home entertainment business, are all about Blu-ray players and discs. If Microsoft wants to be on the cutting edge, it has to follow suit. Particularly since Sony, the company’s major console competitor, has already included Blu-ray support in the PlayStation 3.

Xbox 720 with Blu-ray

So what’s in store for Xbox users if Microsoft does roll out its new release with a Blu-ray drive? Well, one obvious advantage (the most important one, anyway) is the detailing of games. Since Blu-ray discs typically hold 25 to 50 GB on a single disc, expect to see some major improvement in the graphics. And we’re talking about games here that look about four to six times better than they are on the current release of the Xbox 360. One other plus right off the bat is that Microsoft will have finally caught up with Sony on the Blu-ray field, something users can get excited about.

There was an internal document leaked and reported on that stated:

The 56-page presentation, which refers to the device as “Xbox 720,” showcases plans for full 1080p 3D support, a built-in Blu-ray player and DVR functionality.

Microsoft has made no official statements yet regarding the new Xbox’s release, but it is slated for market release late 2013. Now, who isn’t excited about that!

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