CES 2013: UltraViolet Reaches 10 Million Users

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We caught up with Jim Taylor, Chief Technology Officer of UltraViolet at CES 2013. Mr. Taylor spoke with us about how quickly the UltraViolet platform has been adopted – from under 1 million in 2012 to 10 million today! Not only is it a larger user base, Jim explains how partnerships with Barnes & Noble can stream movies you own from the UltraViolet cloud to your Nook and how you can upload your current discs at Wal-Mart.

Jim also made another exciting announcement: soon, UltraViolet will be expanding into some crucial countries in Europe – France and Germany, with more to come! We love UltraViolet because it recognizes that people still have a need for their physical discs and can make the most of what they have already invested. You don’t have to go out and buy NEW videos with a digital download code, you can take what you own, upload it to your UltraViolet account, and stream it just about anywhere!

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