InstaFlix DVD Kiosks Target Spanish Speaking Market

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If you live in the state of Florida and happen to be a hopeful InstaFlix user, then you’ll be glad to know that the DVD rental company has already introduced some of its DVD kiosks in the state. Working through Global Axcess Corp, an independent company devoted to making it easier for entertainment companies to set up self-service kiosks, InstaFlix has already debuted ten kiosks this past November.

The ten InstaFlix kiosks set up in Florida are part of the company’s pilot program. What that means is that if enough consumers use the kiosks to rent DVDs, then InstaFlix will expand its operations in Florida. The InstaFlix kiosks are currently located in Sedanos grocery stores. For those not so familiar with it, Sedanos is a well-known supermarket chain store in south and central Florida. If InstaFlix’s pilot program proves to be successful, twenty two more DVD kiosks are slated to be distributed throughout the state in other Sedanos branches by January of the following year.

Successful expansion in Sedanos stores means for InstaFlix a continued business relationship with the Florida-based grocery store and more new partnership successfully struck. It also means that the DVD rental company can tap into the same market that the grocery store taps into, raking in brand new demographic of consumers who would not have ever tried InstaFlix before the existence of one of its kiosks in Sedanos grocery stores. More exposure and more customers translate into more profit, so further expansion in Florida is likely to be a preoccupation for InstaFlix in the coming year.

Cheaper than renting from traditional brick and mortar movie rental stores, renting from services like InstaFlix has led into a new realm of convenience for consumers. Store closing hours no longer have to be paid close attention to for fear of late charges. When a DVD is due for return, customers can just drive to any kiosk near them (in the case of Florida, located in Sedanos grocery stores) and return the disc. InstaFlix offers consumers the opportunity to get their hands on the latest DVDs and Blu-rays as quickly as possible.

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