Buffalo 16x Blu-ray XL Writer Review

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Buffalo, a global brand in electronics manufacturing, recently announced its plans to introduce a new product to the industry that will continue the Blu-Ray technology’s tradition of raising the standard for multimedia storage: the first 16x Blu-Ray disc writers (an internal disc writer and an external disc writer). For those in the market for an optimal Blu-Ray disc writer, Buffalo’s 16x Blu-Ray Disc writers will certainly make for a very merry Christmas.

The introduction of Blu-ray technology over a decade ago indicated to electronics suppliers that consumers wanted greater performance from their disc players. With Blu-ray discs and their corresponding devices, consumers are able to have high definition audio and video on their discs while being able to hold more data, faster data transmission and playback during recording. And with the announcement of Buffalo, it seems that there is no way but up for this new technology.

The introduction of Buffalo’s 16x Blue-Ray Disc writers is expected to be a definite game-changer for the Blu-Ray technology industry. Long gone are the days where it would take hours of your time to burn information onto a disc; these Blu-Ray disc writers will allow you to burn information in mere minutes without having to compromise the quality and definition of your information, making it ideal for those who need to write tons of content on multiple discs in a short period of time. Moreover, it even allows you to burn copy-protected digital content from your home network’s DTCP-IP enabled DLNA devices.

For those who demand fast writing speeds and optimal performance, these two BDXL compatible 16x Blu-ray Disc writers from Buffalo are a force to be reckoned with based on the technical features that Buffalo has released. The internal BRXL-16FBS-BK and the external BRXL-16U3 can generate 16x BD-R, 12x BD-R DL, 6x BD-R LTH, 2x BD-RE and 2x BD-RE DL writing speeds, have the ability to write triple-layer (100GB) and quad-layer (128GB) BD-R media at 6x and triple-layer (100GB) BD-RE media at 2x, contains authoring and playback software from CyberLink and the DiXiM BD Burner 2013.

However, the price may set you back, with an expected retail price is of $255 for the internal BRXL-16FBS-BK and $322 for the external BRXL-16U3. If you are interested, you’ll be happy to know that you do not have to wait for long as the Buffalo’s 16x Blu-ray disc writers become available this December.

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