Pioneer Announces DVR-XD10 Slim CD/DVD Burner

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Are you looking for a slim, reasonably priced, and portable disc reader and writer? You might want to consider Pioneer’s DVR-XD10. The DVR-XD10 is Pioneer’s answer to users who need to supplement their tablets or ultrabooks (which come with no disc drives) with an external optical drive. Even the model’s design is simplistic, reflecting Pioneer’s goal of providing a basic drive meant to play CD-Rs and DVD-Rs in the absence of a normal internal disc drive.

The Pioneer DVR-XD10 has a fairly slim factor. With a thickness of just a little over half an inch and a length and width measure of five inches, it makes for a very portable drive that you can as easily store in your bag as a portable external hard drive. The weight further reinforces this portability, clocking the device in at half a pound. The drive is enclosed in a mostly black plastic casing and a black lid with a glossy silver finish at the center brandishing Pioneer’s logo. It’s top loading with a clamshell design, meaning that even in a cluttered desk you would still be able to open it and insert a disc for playback or data burning.

The DVR-XD10 comes with an 18-inch USB 2.0 Y-cable with a micro USB port connecting to the device. 18 inches is lengthy of a cable, but unfortunately, this generosity didn’t quite translate to the short strand of the Y-cable. The result is a logistical problem when the two connectors need to be plugged into ports that are far away from each other.

The disc drive model is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. It also has Mac compatibility but that doesn’t fully extend in the case of the Mac OS X. It works on some units, but there’s no guarantee that it will work on every Mac with the OS X installed. Some more Mac compatibility issues surface with the software pre-loaded into the DVR-XD10. Nero isn’t Mac-compatible; Mac users must then download different media burning software in order to take advantage of the drive’s writing capabilities. Other than the minor compatibility issues, the drive is a fairly quiet one. Its rubber feet provide enough absorption for vibrations. It has standard CD and DVD write speeds, 24x and 8x respectively. And though it has no Blu-ray functionality, the Pioneer DVR-XD10 is still a decent optical drive for those looking for a simple and portable disc drive.

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