New Apple iMac Excludes DVD Drive

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Exactly a week ago, Apple revealed the new iMac design. The design, as is expected from Apple, is innovative to say the least. The latest graphics, an even sleeker and slimmer form, faster processors, and a better display are among the improvements that the iMac has been treated to. Perhaps the most controversial and seemingly counterproductive feature is the absence of a DVD drive.

The new iMac design comes partly as Apple’s answer to criticism that the iMac hadn’t undergone much change since 2009. Those critics can now rest their case, thanks to Apple’s complete renovation of the iMac. Most of the improvements in the unit were made with an engineer’s touch; it was designed from the inside out with the goal of offering significant all-around improvement. As a result of this particular focus, the new iMac is equipped with the latest NVIDIA GeForce graphics, a screen with 75% less glare, third generation Intel i5 quad-core processors, and aluminum and glass construction, which measures a very slim 5 mm at the unit’s edges.

Now onto the most talked about lack of the iMac: a DVD drive. Apple has long regarded DVD as a media format that is fast becoming obsolete. Doing away with the internal DVD drive of the previous iMacs is the company’s way of establishing itself once again at the forefront of the industry in terms of design and performance. iMac’s lack of a DVD drive also serves as evidence that, even though DVDs and other optical media are still popular, there is a growing trend (especially among the younger generations) of reliance and preference for digital content. Design-wise, the iMac’s lack of an extra drive allows it a sleeker and slimmer form factor than possible with one.

With that in mind, Apple’s new iMac may not be for those unwilling to forego DVDs and optical media in relation to their personal computers. But what Apple has done with the iMac, like it had done before with the first Mac computers, is define the future of personal computers. Despite current rejection, it is more than likely that PC manufacturers will soon follow the iMac’s new design. Even Windows 8’s lack of support for DVDs hints at what Apple has already made into a reality.

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