Bruce Munro Creates Art from 100,000 Compact Discs

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Considering how fast technology develops, it’s inevitable that devices and accessories that were once current can turn obsolete or outdated in an instant. What eventually happens is that they gradually get thrown out and turn into electronic waste. In order to reduce some of this waste, while giving consumers a fresh sight, British artist, Bruce Munro, created two light art installations at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, England.

Munro’s art installations, Angel of Light and Blue Moon on a Platter, are composed mainly of CDs, all secondhand. The installations are colossal, spanning huge areas of land that would make the task of setting such a large scale of art work daunting to some other artists. Thanks to their size, both light displays re-used about 100,000 used CDs total, a considerably high number, especially for the work of just one person.

The first of the installations, Angel of Light, alone used about 50,000 CDs for its design layout. The CDs for the work form a circle in from of the Waddesdon Manor house, creating a light display that you can walk through using a number of LED-lanterned paths running through the circle. The second installation, Blue Moon on a Platter, is located on the banks of a 28-meter long amphitheater. Munro created the installation by affixing CDs by the thousands to the amphitheater banks and placing a “moon” made out of coiled optic fiber at the center. The “moon” glows blue from its 150 spheres of optic fiber, giving off light that the CDs in the installation reflect and refract to impart a shimmering effect of a “sea.” Both light installations can be viewed during the day or at night. Each time of day lends a different feel to the installations and gives visitors a completely new way of looking at the works as day progresses to night.

The Bruce Munro light installations at Waddesdon Manor will be open throughout the holiday season. Munro will pack up and move on to other projects once January 1, 2013 arrives.

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