UltraViolet Goes International – Canada and U.K.

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More and more users are starting to get hooked onto digital streaming content. To rise up and meet this demand, UltraViolet, a startup digital streaming service, has expanded into the United Kingdom market and will start introducing some titles in Canada before the year ends. If UltraViolet continues this steady expansion, it might just play a major role in revolutionizing the way users consume content, becoming a major player in the process.

Warner Home Video, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment are already in the process of arranging UV-enabled titles for the Canadian market. Once UltraViolet has completed breaking into Canada and establishing a market, it will target a few more countries after. Australia, New Zealand, and Germany are some of the new markets that already have a scheduled UltraViolet introduction within the coming months.

On the other side of the Atlantic, BBC Worldwide has announced that new British titles will soon be available and UV-enabled in the United Kingdom. The announcement came just two weeks ago and embodies a welcome sign of entrenchment in the U.K. market for UltraViolet. The online streaming startup introduced its service to U.K. consumers just last year, about two months after the service’s debut in the U.S. The DVDs and Blu-ray titles BBC Worldwide mentioned should be welcoming release even before Christmas. Some of the titles included are Top Gear, Doctor Who, John Bishop’s Rollercoaster, and Attenborough: 60 Years in the Wild.

Overall, this year is proving to be an expansion year for UltraViolet, its own holiday gift for itself just in the time the season. Ever since its successful debut in collaboration with Wal-Mart, more users have subscribed to its unique online streaming philosophy. Users seem to be attracted to the unique offer that UltraViolet possesses. It allows users to purchase titles once and have those titles be available for an unlimited amount of time. The service also allows different gadgets to access the same title at the same time.

UltraViolet’s growth is likely to continue into 2013. The service plans on releasing more titles to the market at the beginning 2013. How do you predict the future of UltraViolet? Don’t forget to share your thoughts!

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