Berthold Leibinger Zukunftpreis Honors ‘Game-Changing’ Laser Applications

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The Berthold Leibinger Zukunftpreis has recently awarded outstanding research in the generation of laser light, particularly those that concern healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment, and other relevant sectors. According to Berthold Prize juror Stephen Anderson, they were looking for a “game-changing” laser application invention. In this regard, investors of those game-changing laser applications were invited and honored during an awarding ceremony held last September 14 at the TRUMPF office in Ditzingen, Germany.

The highest distinction, dubbed the Future Prize, was given to Dr. Osamu Kumagi, the senior vice president of Sony Tokyo. He was recognized for this contribution in developing technologies intended for mass production of laser diodes. Similarly, he was noted for his significant roles on the development of multi-wavelength laser diodes that work for optical drives of both 2dn and 3rd generation Blu-ray Discs and DVDs. The technology he pioneered included compatibility of the three generations of Sony Playstation. He received 30,000 Euros as cash prize.

To honor some other innovators in the field, the organization also awarded the Innovation Prize with the following as winners:

  • The first prize under this award category went to Tso Yee Fan, Bien Chann and Antonio-Sanchez Rubio of TeraDiode and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The trio worked on dense wavelength multiplexing of diode laser. The technology integrated applications found from CD and DVD technology, World Wide Web, medical instrumentation, and industrial welding.
  • Meanwhile, the second prize was bagged by Project Group InnoSlab Laser, EdgeWave and AMPHOS, and the Fraunhofer ILT for their work called InnoSlab laser. This kind of laser has applications in remote sensing of CO2 and methane in the atmosphere, solar cells, and skull preparation for brain surgeries.
  • The last place went to Felix Abt, Andreas Blig, and Leanorda Nicolosi. The three came from the Technical University of Dresden and Fraunhofer IPM University of Stuttgart. Their laser technology focused on real-time control system used for laser welding.

The awards are given out every two years by the Berthold Leibing Stistung organization. The organization was established by Berthold Leibinger, a philanthropist slash engineer from Germany. He also handles a large-scale manufacturer of laser technology products. The organization recently celebrated its second decade in the industry, and the celebration revolves around church, science, culture, and charity. The awards are given regularly to highlight the scientific aspect of the organization while encouraging more innovators to work on their respective fields.

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