UltraViolet Signs Partnership with Dolby Labs

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About a week ago, Dolby Laboratories announced that it will provide Dolby Digital Plus technology for UltraViolet to allow for high-quality multichannel audio. The company, one known for innovation in sound technology and quality home entertainment, is partnering with UltraViolet in order to offer consumers the experience of high definition sound with online and digital entertainment.

Dolby’s Digital Plus technology will be offered through UltraViolet’s Common File Format, or CFF. The Common File Format will allow users to ease their way through downloading files from different UltraViolet retailers and moving them from one UltraViolet-enabled device to another without the additional costs, downloads, or bandwidth. How does Dolby’s technology figure in to this?

The UltraViolet CFF files that users are downloading will come encoded with Dolby Digital Plus. This could be an inkling of something revolutionary for Dolby Laboratories. With Digital Plus, the company will be breaking into cloud-based applications and the world of online streaming. The demand for high-definition entertainment happens to be growing rapidly, ensuring a future market for Dolby’s services. Dolby won’t be the only one benefitting from this partnership; it can almost be guaranteed that the idea of hi-fi online digital content that now includes audio as well as video will play a large role in drawing more users to UltraViolet.

With both companies set on providing the best content to consumers (and something that’s also faithful to the intentions of music artists, film directors, and sound designers), the audiovisual experience associated with the cloud, online streaming, and digital content will take on a new level. Eventually, professional means for content production encoding and transcoding will appear to the delight of users obsessed with premium content. Overall, UltraViolet is enthusiastic about the partnership with Dolby, stating that Digital Plus technology in conjunction with UltraViolet CFF will provide efficient production workflows for UltraViolet.

To ensure widespread adoption, Dolby Labs is also partnering with other companies such as castLabs, Digital Rapids, and Elemental Technologies to achieve as much compatibility with as many devices as possible. Since development of Digital Plus support in the UltraViolet CFF hasn’t completely begun, Dolby released the availability of a development kit.

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