Dell Sells M-DISC In Europe

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Dell Inc., in cooperation with Millenniata, will now be offering laptops and desktops equipped with M-Disc Ready drives to its European market. Millenniata, the company responsible for creating the world’s first permanent digital storage solution, is enthusiastic about the partnership with Dell and sees it as an opportunity for Dell users to enjoy the benefits of storage that lasts for centuries. According Millenniata, M-Discs are capable of storing data that will last for 1,000 years, a claim that’s hard for most people’s heads to wrap around.

Millenniata’s M-Disc Ready drives have already been integrated into select Dell models. The drives will be making their debut this month in Dell’s Business Class Precision Workstations, OptiPlex desktops, and Latitude notebooks. Why the need for M-Disc Ready drives just to burn data onto an M-Disc? The need for M-Disc Ready drives has to do with the unique technology of the M-Disc.

For Millenniata’s claim of “storage for 1,000 years” to hold water, the company took a completely revolutionary approach to how it developed the M-Disc. Instead of using the organic dyes that come standard in creating recordable discs, Millenniata used an inorganic rock-like material constructed from a mix of metals and metalloids to create the M-Disc.

This innovation allows the M-Disc’s data layer to be far more rugged than normal DVDs because there are no organic dyes present that will eventually degrade over time and lose data. And its ruggedness calls for a drive equipped with a laser strong enough (five times stronger) to burn data onto it. Fortunately, the M-Disc only needs a special drive for burning. The disc can be read like normal by other DVD drives.

Because of its touted permanence, the M-Disc is an ideal storage option for important business and personal data, such records, documents, and extensive music, photo, or video libraries. Millenniata’s claims aren’t all hot air either. The M-Disc was one of 25 recordable discs tested by the U.S. Navy for longevity and resistance to data loss. The Navy conducted an accelerated life test where the candidate discs underwent extreme humidity, light, and heat exposure. Out of all brands tested, only the M-Disc withstood the test, suffering no data loss and only a few errors.

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