Windows 8 Upgrade To Be Available on DVD

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Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, has been rolling out in preview release form for a couple of months now. With the retail version set for release later this year (with October as the projected month), users are becoming a bit curious to experience the new operating system’s full effect for themselves. Luckily, Microsoft has announced that Windows users, for a limited window of time, can download upgrades to Windows 8 Pro or buy a DVD version from brick and mortar stores.

The opportunity to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro is, for now, only available to users who have Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 on their personal computers. Users can choose between downloading their Windows 8 Pro upgrade from the Windows website (and getting a backup DVD) and opting for the packaged DVD found in retail stores. Upgrades to the anticipated operating system will be far cheaper than it was for previous upgrades from older operating systems to Windows 7.

Currently, Microsoft’s asking price for Windows 8 Pro upgrades is $39.99 for downloads (with an additional $15 for the backup DVD) and $69.99 for packaged DVDs from retail outlets. The best thing about this is that the quoted upgrade prices are fixed until January 1, 2013; after that date, Microsoft will hike up the price for Windows 8 to its intended retail price. Regardless of whether you choose to avail Windows 8 Pro by download or DVD, you will have the option to keep your files, applications, and settings or just start over with a blank slate.

The decrease in price from previous OS upgrades, namely Windows 7, and the availability of upgrade choice is Microsoft’s way of making the transition into Windows 8 Pro as smooth and as problem-free as possible for users. It is also, in part, a marketing strategy – an attempt to reclaim some of the space that its rival company, Apple, has edged Microsoft out of. It’s not clear whether this slash in pricing will urge Windows users to quickly make the switch to the new OS; only time can tell. For those who are already willing, the low upgrade costs are surely enticing.

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