Largest Revenue To UK Film And TV Industry Is DVD, Blu-ray And Digital Sales

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UK Film Industry revenue from DVD, Blu-ray & Digital Sales

In most parts of the world (like in the US), the success of a movie is calculated by how much the movie grosses in the box office since more than 65% of the movie’s revenue would come from theatrical screenings. There have been very few exceptions such as ‘Fight Club’ whose revenue came mainly from DVDs and Blu-rays since they bombed in the Box-office. In the UK, where films play an important role in the economy as well as the country’s culture, there has been a shift in how people consume media lately. With the huge popularity of American movies with the people, most of the theaters in the country prefer screening big-budgeted American movies over their English counterparts. Add to that the online piracy and the failure to match the marketing budgets of the Hollywood movies, the scenario has seen a lot of changes in the last 6 years.

A recent study by British Video Association (BVA) has shown that Video revenues from DVD and Blu ray contribute more than 60% for most of the recent English films. While Hollywood rules the theaters, they come nowhere near to the British movies when it comes to home entertainment. Blu-rays have thus breathed a new line to the British movie industry. There have been a number of Blu ray successes in the UK recently such as The InBetweeners Movie, Paul and Screwed. Screwed was an almost DVD-only release with around 95% of its revenues coming from it.

DVD and Blu-ray successes such as these in the last 2 years have encouraged the UK production houses to invest in a number of quality movies this year. The production houses have been urging the government to support the industry by not coming up with hesitant copyright policies that would potentially disrupt the ecosystem. Lavinia Carey, Director General of the BVA has said:”The audiovisual industry is experiencing rapid and dynamic change as a result of digital technologies that create huge opportunities and challenges to a complex creative sector, which is shown in our report to be heavily reliant on video entertainment to generate returns on investment in film and television production. It is vital, therefore, that additional uncertainty is not introduced into the sector by simplistic copyright policy changes or hesitancy in enforcing copyright law while our industry evolves, offering more innovative digital services alongside the ever-popular DVD and Blu-ray disc while maintaining the quality in video entertainment that is so widely enjoyed by British audiences.”

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