Samsung DVD-Writer SLIM External Drive SE-218BB: World’s Thinnest External DVD Drive

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Samsung DVD-Writer SLIM External Drive SE-218BB

Ultrabooks are yet to take off in a big way but that hasn’t stopped hardware companies from making devices that go with them perfectly. Samsung, the company that has always been the forerunner of new technology in the market has recently come up with SE-218BB, the world’s thinnest Optical Disc Drive which will handle DVD/ CD writing as well.

The company claims that the SE-218BB has been built specifically to go as a companion to its new line of ultrabooks and the latest slim laptop designs as this external optical disc drive is now unarguably the world’s thinnest which features a compact size that is 18% thinner than conventional DVD writers with a height of 14mm. The disc drive is also 8% lighter than Samsung’s conventional optical disc drives. Also, it is powered by and transfers data via USB.

Samsung SE-218BB: Worlds Thinnest Optical Disc Drive

Maverick Choi, ODD senior manager of Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. has said that the consumers will appreciate the elegant and sleek design of the SE-218BB which will make it the perfect companion for the ultrabooks and Tablet PCs that feature inbuilt USB ports. He also added that the SE-218BB will support tablets that feature Honeycomb Android 3.1 OS or later. The SE-218BB is thus one of the first external DVD players made to use with tablets that would enable users to watch DVD content on-the-go.

Samsung SE-218BB AV Connectivity

The SE-218BB is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. The device features the advanced ‘Buffer Under Run’ technology. In conventional disc burners, when there is a break in the flow of data during disc burning, the disc would become unusable since they require continuous flow of data during the burning process. With this technology, the disc burner will buffer the data prior to burning and any break in the flow of data will not affect the burning process.

Samsung claims that the SE-218BB is an eco-friendly product that has been manufactured with lead-free soldering technology that eliminates harmful materials such as Pb, cd, cr+6, Hg, PBBs and PBDE. The company suggested that the device would be available for $59.99 in the US in an official press release, however, it has been made available at cheaper prices online.

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