Blu-ray Players Are Mostly Used for Video Streaming

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Blu-ray Players Are Mostly Used for Video Streaming

In an increasingly Web-connected world, people find more and more ways to access the Internet through different devices. There are Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones, iPhones, iPads, laptops, netbooks, tablets, and so many more. Less conventional connections surface as consumers use video game consoles and TVs more to expand their web experience. It should come as no surprise when the NPD Group, Inc. (NPD), a North American market research company in New York, finds that about 80% of Blu-ray player owners use their players to stream online content.

According to NDP, the content that most Blu-ray player users end up streaming are films and TV shows from Subscription Video-on-Demand (SVOD) services – the more popular of which are the American services Netflix and Hulu.

The same study said that by streaming SVOD content frequently, Blu-ray player owners reportedly play an active hand in the evolving ways that consumers now enjoy home entertainment. For one, the user demographic is now more varied than before. The area of streaming content is no longer dominated by young male techies, and ordinary people are finding their way into the mix, whether they be parents, teenagers, or kids.

The trend is also affecting the way users listen to music wherever they may be. The days of having to transfer music or videos from a desktop to a portable media player just to enjoy them on-the-go are dwindling. As a matter of fact, 31% of smartphone and connected-TV users regularly stream online content directly to their devices.

This dramatic change in the online behavior of consumers can be attributed to a few features commonly found in Blu-ray players. Built-in internet connectivity would perhaps be the most important feature that Blu-ray players are outfitted with. Next is the players’ ability to install applications in its system. Having apps at hand broadens the usage options for consumers. They are no longer stuck with a single function device that only plays Blu-ray discs. Instead, what consumers have is a device that, not only lets them enjoy HD movies on disc, but also lets them enjoy their favorite shows for a lesser value than a cable connection.

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