Rimage Introduces Blu Lock Technology As Part of Rimage Software Suite

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Rimage Blu Lock Technology

Rimage Corporation, a company providing digital publishing solutions based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota has recently announced the launch of a much needed technology called Blu Lock, an anti-rip copy protection technology for Blu Ray. In fact, the company claims that this is the first copy protection technology in the industry and that it integrates directly into the popular Rimage Blu Ray Disc Publishing solutions. The company claims that the corporations deliberately risk the piracy of their digital content by distributing them in Blu Ray discs without equipping them with effective copy protection technologies.

The Blu Lock feature will be built into the Rimage Software System (RSS) which would make it attractive among the production houses. An official Press Release from the company claims that Blu Lock technology “preserves the user experience and the playback compatibility, leaving the original media content unmodified, while providing robust protection and upgradability”.

Hollywood adopted Blu Ray technology over Toshiba’s HD-DVD technology in the mid 2000s after a bitter war over format dominance. AACS LA introduced AACS, the first DRM system for Blu Ray which was accepted by manufacturers like Toshiba, Pioneer and Samsung. The current system uses a series of keys that can be changed by the manufacturers and content providers, making it difficult for Blu-ray piracy.

Rimage recently showcased the Blu Lock along with various other suites for digital publishing in the National Association of Broadcasters show last month.

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