Waste Landscape: A CD Art Exhibit

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Waste Landscape: A CD Art Exhibit

Elise Morin and Clemence Eliard of Small Medium Large design studio used discarded CDs to create a meaningful art exhibit called “Waste Landscape,” which intends to impress upon viewers the consequences of everyday technological waste.

This traveling art installation consists of 60,000 hand-selected used and unsold CDs, which were hand-sown together and laid upon six constructed dunes. The exhibit occupies 600 m2 and will be on display at Paris’ Centquatre space in the Halle d’Aubervilliers from July 21st to September 10th before moving to its next location.

With the piles of discarded storage media, the artists intend to reveal to the observer that everyday objects, which people quickly consumed and thrown away, contribute to the construction of enormous toxic dumps that are buried in landfills or float in the ocean.

The artists believe that the reflective surface and the shape of the dunes create an immense motionless metal sea, which leaves an impression upon the observer between attraction and repulsion, seduction and fear.

Many of us try to reuse our bad CDs and DVDs in cool and interesting ways as a game (ultimate disc Frisbee), for art (a disc collage), or for practical matters (a drink coaster); however, most discs are thrown into the garbage bin. This is very harmful to the environment because discs are not biodegradable so they last forever in landfills and also release toxins into the air when incinerated.

The environmentally sustainable option is to send your used discs and materials products to a CD recycling center where they grind down discs back into polycarbonate and sell it to replicators to make new discs.


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