Sony Honored with Imperial Invention Award for Blu-ray

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Sony DADC Honored for Blu-raySONY Corporation of Japan is a large global company that makes a wide variety of electronic and entertainment products. One branch of the company is Sony’s Digital Audio Disc Corporation, or DADC for short. This division handles the development and manufacturing of all of Sony’s optical disc formats including CD, DVD, and Blu-ray.

Recently, Sony Corporation and Sony DADC were honored at the National Commendation for Invention, an annual awards ceremony held in Tokyo, Japan. Both companies received the Imperial Invention Award which recognizes both companies for “The Basic Structure and Manufacturing Method of a Blu-ray Disc.”

This historic award was first given in 1919 and formally recognizes the creators of particularly outstanding inventions as well as persons for their ability to exploit and promote inventions.

The award recognizes Sony’s achievements in creating the basic structure and manufacturing method for the Blu-ray Disc format, which gave the world a new type of media with the potential to record HD broadcasts and content including movie and game entertainment. With applications in so many industries, Blu-ray has become a new standard adopted throughout the world.

This is a big deal for Sony, who last won the award over thirty years ago in 1979 for a television signal recording system which recorded color and luminance signals on the same track by employing a frequency modulator.

Now, Sony can once again enjoy the respect and admiration that comes from their contribution to the development and advancement of science and technology.

At this same event, Sony was also awarded The Prize of the President of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association. This award recognized Sony for developing the BRAVIA ZX1 Series, which was the world’s thinnest and lightest HD LCD TV when it launched in 2008, thanks to Sony’s LED backlight technology and an innovative panel structure.

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