Verbatim Begins Shipping Dual-Layer BD-RE Discs

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Verbatim BD-RE DL Blu-ray DiscsIn addition to home movies, the Blu-ray disc format has been gaining market share in the computer industry. The high-density and low-cost of Blu-ray discs makes them an affordable alternative to USB flash drives and traditional hard drives for large data storage.

The latest development in optical storage media comes from Verbatim, a manufacturer of blank media with a long history in the CD and DVD business. Their newest creation is the BD-RE DL disc, which has recently begun shipping to retailers worldwide.

First announced in November 2010 and exhibited at the 2011 CES Show in January, the BD-RE DL disc has two key differences from today’s other blank Blu-ray media. First, it has two data layers which allows it to store 50 gigabytes of information on a single disc – that’s twice as much information as a regular BD-R disc!

Second, Verbatim’s new discs are rewriteable. The information on the disc can be erased and the disc used again – up to 1,000 times or more! This allows the information on the disc to be updated regularly; one example would be when making scheduled computer backups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

You may be wondering what is significant about these discs in a world of hard drives, flash memory, and cloud computing. I’ve got to say, the possibilities of having a 50GB rewriteable Blu-ray disc are exciting.

Imagine storing 50 gigabytes of information on a disc that’s thinner and lighter than a computer hard drive, and much more portable! Yes, USB drives are portable too, but you won’t find any 50GB flash drives anywhere near the price of a single blank disc.

Additionally, these discs can be used for playing back full 1080p video on a stand-alone Blu-ray player or PlaysStation 3 game console whereas a flash drive cannot. Discs also have an advantage over cloud storage because they are instantly accessible and do not have to be downloaded or streamed. Viewing web-based content can be challenging where Internet access is limited (such as while traveling) or where bandwidth is capped (such as at work or at many colleges and universities).

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to using Verbatim BD-RE DL discs. If you’ve had bad luck with scratched CD and DVD discs in the past, you may not be ready to trust an optical disc with 50 gigabytes of personal information. Well let me put those fears to rest right now, because Verbatim’s Blu-ray discs feature a special HardCoatâ„¢ layer of protection on the data side of the disc.

HardCoatâ„¢ is a proprietary technology developed by Verbatim that protects Blu-ray discs against fingerprints, scratches, and dust, which are among the most common causes of read/write errors. That doesn’t mean you should use your new BD-RE DL discs as carpet skates, but you can rest easier knowing that they are much more durable than other forms of optical media.

Verbatim is now shipping the new discs worldwide, so look for them (Part Number: 97536) in your area soon. Currently, the discs are available in individually wrapped jewel case packages. Larger quantities have not yet been announced.

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