Recycle Your Old CD and DVD Discs By Mail

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CD Recycling Center of America: CD/DVD Disc Recycling by Mail

Recycling is a simple idea that makes a big difference in the world. Instead of discarding products which are no longer needed, they can be broken down into raw materials and re-used to make new products. Every pound of material that is recycled results in one pound of material saved from the landfill. You may be surprised to learn that everyday objects such as CD and DVD discs can be recycled into new materials as well!

Compact discs such as CDs and DVDs are made of polycarbonate, a #7 plastic which is not accepted by most municipal recycling programs. Fortunately, the CD Recycling Center of America has the answer.

This New Hampshire-based organization runs a nationwide program for recycling CD and DVD discs, disc packaging, and printed inserts. They accept used and obsolete compact discs from movie studios, record companies, and CD manufacturing plants by the truckload. Now, the company has announced a new partnership with the US Postal Service to help them accept discs from people all over the country!

Here’s how it works: simply visit to request your free environmentally-friendly shipping boxes which will be delivered by your letter carrier. You can package up all of your old CD and DVD discs and send them off for recycling.

The CD Recycling Center does not charge a fee to recycle your discs. The only expense is the cost of shipping the discs to their facility. Postage can be paid by bringing the package to your local post office or by using the USPS’s online Click-N-Ship service.

When the discs arrive at CD Recycling Center’s facilities, they are sorted and then sent to be reprocessed. The discs are given a new life as building materials, automotive products, or even office equipment! Better yet, they are saved from ending up in the landfill, where some experts estimate it may take hundreds or even thousands of years for a disc to decompose completely.

Recycling optical discs has numerous environmental benefits which are explained in greater detail on the CD Recycling Center’s website. Their site hosts numerous informational and educational articles as part of their goal of helping the environment and conserving natural resources.

The CD Recycling Center was founded in 2006 by Lisa Bennett. The center offers mail-in recycling services for optical media for both businesses and consumers. To learn more, please visit them online or send an email to:

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