CES 2011 Find: Sony VBD-MA1 Computerless Blu-ray Recorder

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Sony Computerless Blu-ray Recorder VBD-MA1 CES 2011

Ever since pioneering the first Blu-ray disc recorder released in April 2003 (BDZ-S77), Sony, one of the world’s leading electronic gadget manufacturers, has been continuously making huge contributions in bringing innovations to Blu-ray technology.

So it was no surprise that at CES 2011 held in Las Vegas, Nevada, electronics enthusiasts gathered together and were all eyes as the company unveiled the new Sony’s Computerless Blu-ray Disc/DVD Recorder, known as VBD-MA1, the latest addition to its line of direct disc burning devices.

Set for release in March and expected to cost around $300, the computerless Blu-ray recorder is perfect for families and individuals whose priceless collection of videos have become too many and too perplexing. With the Sony VBD-MA1, you can save your videos and photos onto a Blu-ray or DVD disc without a PC. If you wish, you can also connect it to your computer via USB connection as an external Blu-ray writer and save your hard drive from filling up!

Sony enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the new Sony Blu-ray device is compatible with Handycam, Cybershot, and Alpha camcorders. It also supports capturing video from tape formats such as VHS, miniDV and Hi8 and turning it into a Blu-ray disc. On top of that, it records on just about any BD and DVD disc.

Amazingly, it allows recording of up to 19 hours and 20 minutes of your high definition video on one 50 GB double layer BD disc.

Amplifying its portability is the 2.7 inch colored LCD screen where you can view videos or up to 6 photos at a time, including those saved on your memory card. This device comes with standard memory slots, including a Memory Stick, making it ideal for individuals who are constantly on the go.

Other features include user-friendly titling, menus and chapters which can all be created with ease. You have the option for personalization with four preset menu designs.

Proving to be a real recording show-off, it also features 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio supports, Dolby Digital 2 channel, the ability to record from a USB DV/Analog sources and a stop-timer recording.

However, while the VBD-MA1 looks and sounds perfect (it only weighs just over one pound), there are still a few shortcomings– such as the inability to view AVCHD videos on the LCD, record High Definition and Standard Definition video onto the same disc, and the USB connection being incompatible with non-Sony cameras and camcorders.

While it lacks any sort of unprecedented technology to wow consumers, the device is still worthy of praise. Especially if you’re a busy, on-the-go person (well, who isn’t?), then this device’s portability is worth your every buck. All in all, thumbs up to Sony for another well-crafted piece of technology.

Would you like to get one of these come March? Which features would compel you to buy one?

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3 Responses to CES 2011 Find: Sony VBD-MA1 Computerless Blu-ray Recorder

  1. leo martin says:

    I live in Bulgaria, Europe…how I can buy this Sony vbd-ma1? Thank You.

  2. olaa ves says:

    Just wondering when vbd ma1 will be released
    In europe. I have my thoughts that We must wait to next Summer at least. I would be thankfull för an answer.

  3. Andre says:

    When designing a blueray stand alone recorder that supersedes the DVD one, surely and without doubt there is HDMI connection ? Even a really incompetent designer knows this!

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