Steps on How to Author a DVD

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Steps on How to Author a DVD

You’ve finished recording your very own home video and you’ve made the necessary edits to create a movie masterpiece. The thing is the video is saved on your computer’s hard drive. Now, you’re wondering how you are going to give your family, friends or clients a copy.

DVD authoring is the process of exporting the final video project from the editing software timeline and then burning it on a blank DVD, or what is coined as the “master disc.” The master disc is then used to produce multiple copies through duplication.

While it looks complicated, DVD authoring is not really difficult once you’ve started doing it. Here, we give you a simplified list to make the process hassle-free.

First, you need a PC with DVD burner. Some PCs have drives but not all of them are capable of burning DVDs.

There are two different models: one that burns single layer discs, DVD-5s with a capacity of 4.7 GB, and those that can handle DVD-9s double layer discs, which can hold 8.5 GB of data. When choosing a burner, you may also consider its speed. Some burn DVD-Rs while others are more compatible with burning DVD+Rs. Based on specs, DVD-Rs play better on wide range of machines. However, to get the most of your DVD burner and to keep your DVD authoring hassle-free, choose one that can burn both.

Next, decide on what DVD authoring software to use. Using authoring software is important because it allows users to create a DVD menu for easy navigation. Use the software to split your videos into chapters, add music, languages and subtitles to your menus, or crop scenes.

There are plenty of DVD authoring programs to choose from. Some of the top authoring software suites include DVD MovieFactory Pro, Sony DVD Architect Studio, AVS DVD Authoring, Wombie EasyDVD, Roxio MyDVD, TMPGEnc DVD Author, Power Producer, WinX DVD Author and Muvee Reveal. Meanwhile, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe Encore, Mediachance and Ulead are also famous and highly regarded as consumer-friendly.

With all the tools ready, and with your movie already finalized and exported at the highest quality possible, it’s time to burn the master copy. When recording the master disc, it is very important to use a good quality disc. With brands such as Taiyo Yuden, Falcon, Verbatim and US Digital Media, you are sure to get a high quality copy.

Next, open your DVD authoring software and choose Create a Disc. Choose DVD then OK. Select the file or files you want. Depending on the software, you will have options on how you want your menu to look like, whether you’d like to create chapter points or not. The menu allows user to choose playback options so remember to make it as simple yet directional and attractive as possible. Type a title for your DVD.

Next comes the “Encoding” part. Check the format that you want your file to be in. Most DVDs can convert files from AVI, WMV, MP$, DivX, 3GP, MPEG, etc. to DVD. Click Burn. Although it may take up to more than an hour to burn a full movie, you’ll surely be delighted once you get a hold of the master copy of your very own.

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