Disney 3D Blu-ray: Ready for Your Living Room

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Disney 3D Blu-ray: Ready for Your Living Room

Starting this year, you’ll be viewing Disney movie classics with a detail and clarity like never before—Belle’s shimmering yellow ball gown will pop while Simba’s display on Pride Rock will feel close enough to touch thanks to Disney’s alliance with Blu-ray 3D.

The Walt Disney Company is forging ahead with plans to release more than a dozen Blu-ray 3D titles.  Some of the titles for the new optical media technology take us back to the classics, including “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Lion King”.

Other titles ready for their three dimensional debut include new favorites like “Toy Story 3”, “Tangled”, “Tron: Legacy”, “Alice in Wonderland” and “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.”  To help boost product appeal and ease the transition to this new home entertainment medium, Disney is also packaging the films’ Blu-ray 2D discs along with the purchase.  No official word on specific release dates.

The movies themselves will not be your only three dimensional experience.  Every detail is addressed; the 3D Blu-rays will feature 3D trailers, menus as well as a Timon and Pumbaa-hosted preface discussing what’s new about Disney 3D.

The release of multiple popular titles suggests that Blu-ray 3D is on a positive trajectory for the consumer market and Disney Studios has enough faith to be banking on it.  Since 3D’s biggest box-office hit Avatar is locked up for at least the next year into a Panasonic deal that requires equipment purchase, consumers will likely be hoping they have more freedom with Disney Blu-ray 3D.  That means the option to choose their Blu-ray 3D players as well as the opportunity to buy these classic movie titles with no strings attached.

Disney’s vote of confidence for Blu-ray 3D likely proves to be a litmus test in terms of the success of the medium as a whole.  What better way to draw high def 3D entertainment into the home than with some of the country’s favorite animated and family titles of today and the past 20 years?   2011 will be a telling year in determining whether 3D Blu-ray gets a thumbs up from kids and parents.

Will Disney’s Blu-ray 3D titles make your wish list this year?  Tell us why or why not.

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