CreateSpace: Hope for CD Industry?

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CreateSpace: CDs out-of-print CDs

Hearing the news that Universal Music Group will be tapping the services of CreateSpace to release classic out-of-print CDs gives the industry a lot of reason to be excited. As you may have read or heard last year, UMG released a statement that it will be using CreateSpace Disc on Demand technology that offers back catalog CD manufacturing.

Universal has now started its own page on CreateSpace. For its initial public offering, the music company is releasing 50 timeless titles through a bunch of CD albums that includes B.B. King, Loretta Lynn, Patti LaBelle, Louis Armstrong, Chuck Berry and The Mamas and the Papas.

CreateSpace is an online service that provides free tools to help you publish and distribute your books, DVDs, MP3s, video downloads and CDs on demand through or your e-store. Not just that, CreateSpace is able to beautify your CDs through full-color inserts and tray cards, top notch CD jewel cases and well-printed disc faces, so you’re CDs carry a distinct identity.

With CreateSpace’s easy to follow guidelines, anyone can have his or her own personalized CD. Submission is easy! Just send CreateSpace your music file through a duplicate CD or upload your music. Write your 7-digit title ID then test your CD before sending it to them. The complete guidelines are available here.

The company’s Disc on Demand platform allows music labels just like Universal, to bring their content to the market quickly, efficiently, effectively and with very little risk as titles are manufactured in direct response to customer orders. Using this innovate technology, music lovers from anywhere in the world can access an array of offerings that are not available anymore in the local market.

This big leap towards providing out-of-print CDs should definitely benefit the optical media industry, especially at this time when piracy is still a major issue globally. Through the utilization of CreateSpace, music companies and artists can get royalty fees when their albums are printed on the CDs. Likewise, this effort is set to reiterate that the compact disc is still valued and demanded despite other technology emerging in the market.

Meanwhile, music fans have found another way to enjoy music from classic artists. Aside from purchasing music legally, it is easier and safer, so you can avoid downloading files spiked with malware from other free download sites.

With this step, Universal becomes the 4th and largest major label to use CreateSpace, making a library with more than 100,000 music titles available for all music fans.  Now, you don’t to worry if your favorite artist’s CDs or that rare album is no longer in stores anymore. CreateSpace will be a safe haven for those unique titles as well as a beacon for the disc industry.

Thoughts on CreateSpace?  Do you think the site still gives value to the CD?

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  1. Pete Steege says:

    I think CreateSpace is filling the gap between physical and virtual with this service. There will always be some level of need for physical copies. I blogged on this a few days ago!

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