Blu-ray Sales Increase Past DVD, Video On-Demand

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Blu-ray sales increase over DVD

Now that the holiday dust has settled, a clearer picture of Blu-ray’s future is emerging through consumer reports and research.  While DVD sales are struggling to stay out of the red, Blu-ray is finding its way to the top.  The numbers could indicate a more definitive transition in optical media technology.

The bright spots:

–  Screen Digest says Blu-ray retail sales increased 64.2 percent while BD rentals jumped more than 105 percent.

–  During the holiday season alone, the sales of Blu-ray players climbed 27 percent.

–  Blu-ray sales left video-on-demand sales in the dust.  Analysts say network video didn’t quite measure up to its 2010 promise with only 12.2 percent of the market and overall revenue up 21.9 percent compared to the 64.2 percent increase of Blu-ray.

–  A new alliance hopes to make a big splash in home entertainment—Blu-ray is likely to become synonymous with 3D.  Big names like Sony, Panasonic and Samsung are bursting at the seams with new three dimensional viewing products at CES 2011 (CD-Info will be at the Vegas expo this week to see it all up close).  The driving force behind 3D to maximize the experience is Blu-ray.

–  Movie studios are pulling for Blu-ray to succeed.  Hollywood directors like Oliver Stone and Baz Luhrmann vouch that the high-def format’s quality shows films in the clarity, color and detail they were always intended to be seen.

The obstacles:

–  The home entertainment disc industry as a whole (retail and rentals) dropped 6.5 percent.

–  Blu-ray needs improved promotion.  Many consumers still don’t quite grasp the format’s advantages over the more affordable albeit lower capacity, lower resolution DVDs.

–  While DVD sales have in fact declined, their budget-friendly price tag still outshines Blu-ray unless BD supporters and product manufacturers give people more reasons to switch.

–  The backward compatibility of BD players allows users to hold on to their DVDs rather than buy new Blu-ray titles.

Are you ready to get on board with Blu-ray?  Does the thought of Blu-ray 3D entice you, or are you still waiting for product prices to drop before committing?

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