3D Blu-ray Has Fans in Japan; Makes Up 57% BD Players

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3D Blu-ray Japan Popularity

While the United States and the rest of the world struggle to completely appreciate the beauty and value of 3D electronics, Japan seems to have no problem establishing a market of Blu-ray 3D followers. In fact, according to a local-based research firm in Japan, more than half of Blu-ray devices shipped in the country have 3D playback functionality!

Tokyo-based research company BCN confirms that a record-breaking 56.8% of Blu-ray recorders shipped in the country on December 2010 is 3D-compatible, a massive improvement from 6.7% recorded in September.

The same case goes for 3D TV as the research firm found out that 23% of all TVs sized 40-inches or larger shipped last month is 3D, while record showed that it stood at below 3% in August. As a result of this trend, top manufacturers including Sony, Panasonic and Samsung, continue to slash prices, cutting down as much as $500 per three-dimensional television. The graphs continue to look positive despite 3D TV making up only 5% of all TVs in Japan.

Not surprisingly, a big contributing factor for this trend is the price. As BCN found out, 3D Blu-ray recorders are 30% more expensive than their 2D counterpart or an average price tag of $900. This is completely subtle in the case of the U.S., where it has been found that a regular BD recorder only cost around $100 while 3D BD players are priced as high as $300, which is an add-on premium of 300%! What is 300% compared to 30% increase? This could explain the sluggish improvement of sales in the U.S. and the quick turnaround in Asia’s technology hub.

Although Japan’s quick response to 3D is an over achievement for any country, research states that Japanese users seem to carry the same problems as any 3D user from around the world have which are lack of comfort in wearing those huge and unattractive 3D -glasses, as well as the need to purchase them at costly prices.

Nonetheless, manufacturers see this trend as an inspiration. With more households likely looking forward to purchasing 3D devices in the future, at least there is a valuable reason to keep on manufacturing more innovative electronics.

What do you make of the popularity of 3D Blu-ray in your country? Let us know what you think!

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