World’s Thinnest 3D Blu-ray Player by Samsung

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Samsung Blu-ray 3D Thin 23mm Player

From mobile phones to music players to television sets, it’s definitely clear that slim technology has dominated the ingenious minds of gadget manufacturers all over the world. Now that almost everything has gone thin, we’re left hanging with one question: What’s next?

Here’s a little something to excite your curious minds with a shout-out to those who are infatuated with 3D and Blu-ray:

Samsung, the maker of the first 3D Blu-ray, is set to unveil its newest masterpiece with the introduction of its new 3D Blu-ray product at the upcoming CES 2011 in early January.

Although the leading electronic company has yet to finalize the name and release date of this new eye-catcher, Oled-display has already crowned it the thinnest 3D Blu-ray player in the world measuring only 23 millimeters and barely reaching an inch in thickness! This is a 7mm difference from the first 3D Blu-ray player it released early this year (measuring 29mm) and a whopping 17mm reduction compared to its slimmest Blu-ray device released in 2009 (measuring 39mm).

We’ve learned that the new Samsung 3D Blu-ray player will still be fully equipped with the features that previous 3D Blu-ray devices have, such as the ability to sync with any digital device for your music, movies and photos; quick movie loads; and allows the conversion of aspect ratio movies from 21:9 to 16:9. What makes this device even more cutting edge are its more sophisticated features including the ability to be mounted on the wall, to convert 2D to 3D in real time and finally, to enable TV apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora and more.

With the new Samsung 3D Blu-ray device barely bigger than a Blu-ray disc, it is expected to cost around $350 on its initial release.

In the midst of the launch of this new beauty, Samsung keeps the top spot in the US market and remains the leader in research and development for two consecutive years now. This innovative move has caused a sudden leap in this field and manufacturers of both 3D and Blu-ray players are again challenged to do something better. In no time, there will be more offerings and the power of science and technology will prove that there is, indeed, still more to come.

Are you looking to grab one of these super slim 3D Blu-ray players in the future? Do you think Samsung’s competitors could come up with something even slimmer?

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