LaCie Slim Blu-ray Player Brings High-Def to Laptops

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LaCie Slim Blu-ray Player Brings High-Def to Laptops

Storage giant LaCie is trimming down in time for the holiday season and adding to your Blu-ray wish list with the LaCie Slim Blu-ray.  The device aims to provide a unique, portable high definition experience for both Blu-ray single layer and double layer discs.

As Blu-ray makes its way into mainstream entertainment and storage, it becomes an increasingly cost-effective option to burn or back up your data at up to 50GB per disc (25GB for single layer).  The problem is that many of the laptops we currently use operate sans optical drive in an effort to boost their own portability and evolve with technology.

LaCie seems to understand both of these consumer issues by providing an external Blu-ray burner small enough to stash in your laptop case.  The Slim BD drive does everything a standard size one can do.  It plays, writes, and authors BD-R and BD-RE as well as offering backward compatibility with DVD and CD formats.  The write speed of the drive is 6x for BD-R and 2x for BD-RE.

What the LaCie Slim Blu-ray writer features that others may lack is its ability to work without an AC power supply.  Instead, you can portably burn BD and edit with the help of a USB 2.0 interface that plugs straight into your laptop.  It comes packed with a comprehensive Cyberlink software suite that handles post-production wherever you’re at—be it for burning, video or picture editing or 3D Blu-ray support.  This means that you no longer have to be chained to your work desk to get your high-def media project accomplished.

LaCie tends to recruit top of the line designers to add ergonomic or innovative twists to its products.  The Slim Blu-ray drive follows in these footsteps as the creation of award-winning industrial designer Sam Hecht.

Performance or appearance aside, the LaCie Slim Blu-ray fills a market void left by starved laptops on a diet abstaining from optical drives and similar bells and whistles.  While lightweight laptops with fewer moving parts are nice, there really is no substitute for a staple like Blu-ray.

The burner retails for approximately $265 and can be purchased from LaCie’s website.

Do you think more manufacturers should offer external Blu-ray drives for laptops?  Will you be checking out LaCie’s version?

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