Served With a Side of Music:CD Sales at Food Chains

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Music CDs Sold at Food Chains

Record and music stores are hard to come by these days. More frequently, you hear of or see local mom and pop music shops closing their doors. Even the easily accessible big box stores have dwindling music sections that were once large and bustling. Just a few months ago Best Buy made the move to reduce CDs from store shelves, therefore providing fewer outlets for musicians and record execs to market albums.

So now, they’re getting creative in targeting customers and the strategy could help provide a new platform for CDs. Think food and music. For example, Kid Rock is now exclusively putting his “Born Free” album in Little Caesar’s pizza restaurants with a $10 price tag.

According to the Vice President for Little Caesar’s field marketing, “Pizza is a fun food, and giving our diverse customers an opportunity to combine it with this new music release makes sense. Kid Rock’s albums are chart-toppers, and this offering can help drive traffic to our stores.”

Cracker Barrel is another restaurant that has taken on an active role in selling music CDs. Motown favorite Smokey Robinson recently chose to release his latest Christmas album on CD at the restaurant chain as opposed to the traditional retail music outlets. Cracker Barrel also sells CDs of artists like Alan Jackson, Wynonna Judd, Dolly Parton, Alabama, Kenny Rogers and the Zac Brown Band. Even in some local Cracker Barrels across the country, unknown local artists are getting a shot at selling their CDs to a wider audience.

Selling CDs with food isn’t a completely new market concept. For years, Starbucks has had success selling music right alongside the coffee counter where you order your lattes and Frappucinos. We may have our iTunes and other online downloads, but they can never truly replace the real album direct from the artist. These latest developments into new restaurant ventures prove CD sales can expand to a different platform. Perhaps other artists and restaurants will follow suit if they can match the music to the right demographic.

What do you think of food and music sold together? Would you buy a CD from Starbucks, Cracker Barrel or Little Caesars?

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  1. Vladimir says:

    Yes I would definitely buy albums from starbucks.
    Love their music selection.

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