TDK 1TB Storage Optical Disc Debut

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TDK Corporation, a Japanese media storage and electronics leader, recently caused a stir at an industry expo (CEATEC Japan 2010) with a prototype never seen before that dwarfs previous formats: a TDK double-sided 1TB optical disc.  This storage capacity equates to an astounding  1,024 gigabytes.

Displayed side-by-side with DVDs and Blu-rays, TDK demonstrated some real-world storage comparisons that showed how many stacks of discs it would take to equal the capacity of its prototype. The technology exhibit revealed that it would take 218 DVD-Rs, 41 single layer BD-Rs or 21 dual layer BD-Rs to equal the storage capacity of one TDK disc.

The disc is engineered with 16 recording layers that each hold 32GB of data.  Its material composition, already implemented in Blu-ray technology, allows for high light transmittance of more than 95 percent per layer.  Another Blu-ray similarity is its shared laser beam aperture of 0.85.

The symbol error rate for reading purposes is 1 x 10-5 to 1 x 10-4.  This rate signifies that the disc could be suitable for data archiving, home recording and broadcasting.
Currently, there is one major obstacle facing the adoption of the TDK optical disc format.  The thickness of each recording layer measures 260 micrometers in comparison to Blu-ray’s 100 micrometer-thick data layers, making it more than double the Blu-ray specification size.  The larger measurement will not only result in lens aberrations when read and written but also hinder compatibility with consumer’s existing devices.  Consequently, it will be back to the drawing board to slenderize the disc before it reaches retail-ready potential.

If and when the disc reaches mainstream success, it will minimize the physical bulk of having to store multiple discs for home movie collections and data archives for businesses.  With the advent of high-definition audio and video, a user will not have to question if his or her intended projects will fit onto the disc.

According to TDK Corporation, the success of its transparent gray optical creation remains to be seen as “its commercialization depends on disc manufacturers.”

CD-Info will keep you posted with the latest details as this story develops.

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